Welcome to WIDEWHEEL!
we provides exciting yet safe transportation for everyone.

Whether you need a dare-devil off-roading scooter or one that’s just perfect for daily commuting, we are right here for you.

We’ve been there.

We have come a long way since the establishment of the company in 2018, so we know exactly the direction to take when providing you with high-quality and budget friendly products. At the same time, we will always provide excellent customer service and friendly customer support.

We know what it’s like, trying to find the perfect scooter to suit some specific needs.

WIDEWHEEL was established as a standard scooter brand to change the game in the micromobility industry.

Our scooters offer you the opportunity to get thrill, quality, safety, and cost-efficiency all in one package.

With us, you can bid a final goodbye to all your commuting and off-roading worries.

Think WIDEWHEEL scooters; think zero worries!


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