Universal Scooter Bag
PRACTICAL AND BEAUTIFUL DESIGN- you can easily carrying charger tools,repair tools and other items such as phones,keys, wallet, etc, without Affecting beauty of your electric scooter or folding bike COLD PRESSED HARD HOUSING PROCESS-EVA material,Extremely light,resistant to falling and difficult...
Skateboard Helmet
Multi-Sporting Gear: These Skateboard Helmets are flexible and suitable for Multi-sports activities, include Inline & Roller Skating, Skating, Skateboarding and Scooter. These helmets would be the essential protective gear for any outdoor sports-lovers. Size  : This is a large size(20.9”...
$150.00 $100.00
Ergonomic seat Waterproof Easy installation For widewheel W6 The WIDEWHEEL electric scooter seat is an ergonomically contoured seat that fits the human derriere perfectly. The seat features a high-density foam that makes every ride comfy while also reducing fatigue. With...
$150.00 $100.00
Fast-charging Designed with the latest technology Overcharge protection, short-circuit protection and temperature control features Durable 10h with 1 charge, 5h with 2 chargers Is your scooter’s charger broken or lost? Then this is just what you need. The WIDEWHEEL electric...
WIDEWHEEL Off road tyre
Vacuum tire, no inner tube is required. Why stick to that old and scrawny tire when you can go for gold? widewheel’s tires  are designed to effortlessly conform to the road surfaces and soak up bumps. Made from high-quality rubber...
Brake Pads
         It includes a pair of front brake pads and rear brake pads Improve braking performance Minimal noise Highly durable Are your brake pads old or broken? It’s time for a replacement. Made of sturdy, high-quality metal...
Brake Disk
Enhanced braking performance High-quality stainless steel Low noise Lightweight Zero vibrations The WIDEWHEEL brake disk is designed to be the perfect solution for those looking for a great riding experience and safety. This brake disk offers a more efficient and safety-conscious...
Voltage Lock
Accurate voltage display Automatic voltage recognition Efficient key lock Easy installation The WIDEWHEEL digital display voltmeter is your practical and convenient voltage gauge while on the go. It provides an intuitive and accurate gauge of your electric scooter battery’s remaining...
The motor  come with the tire . Note: the front wheel motor and the rear wheel motor are common  Enhanced stability High performance Durability Easy installation Get ready to rumble! The WIDEWHEEL electric scooter motor is what you need to...
WIDEWHEEL Electric Scooter Throttle
Easy plug-in installation Smoother take-off Convenient design Upgrade your takeoff game with the new and improved WIDEWHEEL throttle. With this throttle, you are assured of a more gradual and efficient power engagement and, of course, a smoother takeoff, even in the...
WIDEWHEEL Electric Scooter Speed Controller
Enhanced speed control Reduces motor brush-wear and heating Improves battery life Prolongs battery’s running time Anti-stall function Are you in need of a new controller for your electric scooter? The WIDEWHEEL Speed Controller is an upgraded sensor-based controller that efficiently monitors...
Spring-assisted clamp Adjustable height Sturdy grip Enhanced stability The WIDEWHEEL kickstand is designed to conveniently provide support and enhance electric scooters’ upright stability. Our kickstands are made of high-quality aluminum alloy and use a special processing technology to ensure stability...
AITEDREAM 10 inch wide wheel, off-road tire
Off road tyres for AITEDREAM w6.Vacuum tire, no inner tube is required. Why stick to that old and scrawny tire when you can go for gold? AITEDREAM’s tires  are designed to effortlessly conform to the road surfaces and soak up...
Headlight/Horn Button
Convenient switch design Small and lightweight High-quality Your scooter’s control area can be more efficient and convenient with our 2-in-1 headlight and horn switch handlebar. It features a functional design that makes it super easy for you to switch ON/OFF...

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